The responsibility of the Piping Engineer includes ensuring the Structural integrity of the pipe, which should serve the estimated life time without a flaw. Piping system should have the flexibility to limit the stresses generated in it due to the weight, pressure, temperature, external loadings etc., with in the allowable stress value for the material, based on the governing code.

About the Course

Static hydraulic analysis shall be performed for pump sizing, pressure drop calculation etc. Hydraulic analysis also helps to study whether the piping system meets its flow requirements, which is the basis of the design. Surge analysis shall be performed for the piping system where the transient events may create peak surge pressure in the piping system. Failure of piping system may happen if the peak surge pressure is higher than the design pressure of the piping system.

What you'll learn

  • CAESAR-II Stress Analysis Training Program is offering to Mechanical Engineers who's Start/Shift their career as a Piping Stress Engineer, Piping Designer or Piping Project Engineer in Oil & Gas /Petrochemicals/ Refineries/ Chemicals/ Energy & Power Sectors.
  • ASTS GLOBAL offers Pipe stress analysis using CAESAR-II Training to Mechanical, Chemical, Production engineers. This Training program is based upon latest technologies of Piping Engineering design methods with the help of Sample projects.
  • CAESAR-II program is 100% Job oriented. After completion of training candidate can start/shift their career as Piping Project Engineer, Piping Engineer or Piping Designer, Stress engineering, Process engineer, Stress Analyst, etc…
  • CAESAR-II is an analyzing software, it helps to analyze the PDMS Model or project and generate the report
Length 1 Month
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Subject Piping Engineering Design and Analysis
Level Advanced
Language English
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